Festa da Malla

The Wheat Mesh in an Artisanal Way.

This festival commemorates the ancestral work of threshing wheat, which after being harvested, is
it put in “medas” waiting to mesh it, thus separating the grain from the chaff.

Galician Festival of Tourist Interest

The Festa da Malla is a cultural heritage that Meira revives every year on the last Sunday without a fair in August.
It dates from 1992, arising from the work of some farmers and hunters from Meira to mesh the wheat they had sown to provide food for partridges and other game birds. The sound of the mesh machine, aroused the interest of the neighbors, which is still alive today.

Since 2005, this party has been organized by the Amigos da Malla Association in collaboration with the City Council. Throughout the day, hundreds of people contemplate this agricultural task in the center of the town. It is the most veteran Festa da Malla in Galicia.

The Festa da Malla has been declared of Tourist Interest in Galicia since 2006.
Neighbors and visitors also enjoy the custom of tasting a traditional lunch with a tasty stew, some delicious fritters and of course music throughout the day and part of the night.

The day is complemented with craft stalls and a wide exhibition of old machinery.

1st Edition of Festa da Malla, year 1992.


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