Meira Music Band

The Municipal Music Band of Meira was created in 2003, making its first performance at the House of Culture, coinciding with the end of the year at the Municipal Music School of Meira. It currently has 35 members of all ages.

Since 2003

The Band has performed in many places inside and outside our province: Ribeira de Piquín, Guitiriz, Portomarín, Sarria, Monforte, A Pontenova, A Pastoriza, Mondoñedo, Castro Ribeiras do Lea, Vilalba,… Brión, Valga, La Caridad ( Asturias), Oviedo (Asturias), …
They have also performed at emblematic parties such as the Festa da Malla de Meira or Festa do Emigrante in Mosteiro, and in television programs such as Luar accompanying the singer Rosa Cedrón, in the tribute to Xosé Manuel Seivane, etc.

The director of the band since its inception is Francisco Javier García Canto, who has an extensive curriculum as a teacher and band director.

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