Municipal Music School of Meira

The Municipal Music School of Meira was born in November 2002, beginning its journey with 45 students and four teachers. Today it has a hundred students and six teachers who teach accordion, clarinet, transverse flute, bagpipe, percussion, piano, saxophone, trombone, trumpet and tuba. The School is directed by Marisa Dapereira Portela, accordion and piano teacher.

The School’s students are very varied both in origin and age, with participants from Meira, Lugo, Pol, A Pastoriza, Riotorto, Ribeira de Piquín, A Pontenova, Castro de Rei, … and with ages between 6 and 75 years.

Three groups emerge from the School: The Municipal Music Band of Meira, the Bagpipe Band and the Accordion Orchestra.

Throughout these years he has carried out various activities such as quarterly concerts, concerts at the patron saint festivities and exchanges with other Music Schools in Mondoñedo, Cee, Ferrol, La Caridad, …

The enrollment application deadline for new students at the School is between July 15 and 31 every year.

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