Porto da Pena recreational area

It is located in the place of As Corvaceiras, in the parish of Sta. Maria de Meira.

It is the usual place of celebration of the Country Tour that closes the patron saint festivities of Meira on August 17.

Formed by meadows, birches, oaks and chestnut trees around the river Miño, it is the place where the three main streams that make up the flow of the river that pass through the town of Meirega meet: the Rego de Leiras, the Rego de Feás or Xiromeno and the Rego de Irimia or river Miño that comes from Pedregal de Irimia.

If you look closely, you will be able to see a small channel parallel to the main channel, bypassed by a small bridge, where part of the river flow was diverted to take it to the Figueroa mill, located next to the Plaza del Convento –now private-. This mill, dating from 1768, belonged to the monastery, it consisted of 3 grinding wheels for three types of cereal, and it was in operation until the end of the 60s-early 70s, where there was even an inn.

O Porto da Pena is halfway to Pedregal de Irimia from the center of the town, at Km1 of the CP-3003. A few meters on the left is the Nature Classroom, where the Pedregal-Corno da Órrea hiking route begins.

In the panels that you will find in this recreational area you will discover the wide variety of flora and fauna of the environment. Being a place away from the urban center, it is possible to see some animals a bit elusive such as weasels, squirrels, snakes, salamanders, storks or even short-toed eagles. Without a doubt, it is a place to enjoy nature and also to party.

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