Professor rio barxa recreational area

It is located next to the river Miño, next to the school zone. This park is dedicated to the geographer and professor Francisco Javier Río Barja and is home to a great variety of native trees such as oak, chestnut, walnut or birch.

It has a traditional decoration composed of a hórreo (roof with 4 waters), a cabozo (roof with 2 waters), a crucifix, a miniature of a dolmen, the representation of the rose window of the church and the shield of the town decorating the floor. It also has a restored mill and is accompanied by a cafeteria-restaurant.

It also has ample parking, a playground and a walk along the river from the mill on Calle de la Balsa to the 1.5km-long Water Treatment Plant where you can enjoy a pleasant walk accompanied by the sound of the river. river, birds, trout jumping in the water, the murmur of the leaves balanced by the breeze,… Without a doubt, a place that you cannot miss.

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