Pedregal de Irimia

A work of art created by an ancient glacier, full of beauty and legends.

Discover a spring in an ancient glacier

El Pedregal de Irimia is located three kilometers from Meira, on the western slope of the Sierra de Meira and is the unique enclave of the source of the Miño River.

This river of stones that are organized in a natural way down the slope forming a funnel, which after its 700 meters in length allows you to see the formation of the silent and restless stream that gives shape to the famous river Miño. These huge stones, mostly quartzites, come from a periglacial moraine (between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago) formed by the processes of freezing and thawing. Nature was in charge of creating this wash, making this place a must-see point to contemplate your cravings.

El Pedregal de Irimia is a unique place, easily accessible, and with a recreation area to enjoy the landscape and connect with the tranquility listening to how the crystalline waters sing their song. This magical environment is ideal to go with friends or alone. It is also suitable for going with children to enjoy nature and discover the legends and poems about this place, which you will find on the information panel next to the car park.

This enclave inspired numerous poems, literary texts, as well as sculptural works like the ones you can see in it (“O Pregoeiro do Tempo” and “Altar do Prisciliano”). Soak up the energy of this place and unleash your imagination.

legends of the pilgrimage of irimia

Legends tell about the birth of Miño, that an old sorceress called Irimia lived in those lands who got on badly with the monks of the convent. One day, while she was guarding her livestock, the monks came to collect the taxes that she refused to pay, and to defend herself, she began to throw stones at them to drive them off their farms, so the monks decided to keep their lands rich in sources to support them. your cattle.
The sorceress cast a spell on them and covered the Miño spring with very large stones to the bottom of their properties, so that they could not go into the water. “You will never be able to taste the first water of this river because it is a mine.” That is why the Pedregal gives its name to the birth of the Miño, in the Pedregal de Irimia.

Another speaks of sinful men turned into stones and awaiting the redemption of their souls with the clean waters that are born there.

Poems of the pederegal de irimia

What did he say, Craro River Miño
that you are born in Fumiñá
se xunt-a Monterredondo,
do you pass, ugly a raptor?
. . .
E sei, tamén, what teas
or teu bercio more back,
Hello to Serra de Meira,
d-Irimia no Pedregal.
. . .
Or Poet of Meira
Avelino Díaz. 1897-1971.

Or gurgullante and craro river Miño,
na serra is beginning his career,
vai bicando or belido chan de Meira
or continue, car-or sea, or seu camiño.
. . .

“Debezos” 1947. Buenos Aires.
Or Poet of Meira
Avelino Díaz. 1897-1971.

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