Sierra de Meira

The Sierra de Meira separates the parishes of Seixosmil and Meira and reaches 892 meters at its highest point, called Pico do Forno de Martín. Dating from the Paleozoic, it is the birthplace of the Miño River and offers views full of contrasts.

At the top of the Sierra de Meira, there is a wind farm and a forest guardhouse. In the eastern part you can enjoy the spectacular waterfall of A Meixadoira, in the Rego de Murias.

From the top, depending on where you look, the landscape surrounds you. Some say that in the middle of winter, the Sierra offers respect, perhaps because of its thicket of trees, its mysteries and legends such as Pedregal de Irimia.

The valley that forms the mountain range also offers you beautiful recreational areas and a natural environment that delights lovers of nature and sports.

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